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We are looking for your videos!

The crisis has a huge impact on peoples lifes all over the world. Economical and personal fears merge into creative strategies to overcome social distances and the ongoing uncertainty. If you are trapped at home and you want to share your experience with us, please send us your story. 

How to participate

Everyone is welcome to send us their storys

If you have a smartphone and you want to share your thoughts or impressions during the isolation time, you can be part of the documentary project. 

1. Do I need to show myself?

No, you decide, what you want to tell and how.

You can dance, play music, just sit around or just show your pet, too.

You can always just show a detail of your room or a look outside the window and just use your voice, if you feel like sharing thoughts!

2. What to record

Some Ideas/Inspirations

(Pick one or all or do something else:) 

-How do you feel about the situation? Whats good, whats absurd, whats fun, whats sad?

-How did you prepare for the situation?  Whats about your job? How did your life change? 

-Make a videojournal of your every day life. Tell about you deal with being trapped at home.

-Tell us about the cisis effected your economical situation. 

-Whats your opinions about political decisions?

-Tell us how you deal with the fear of a virus going on in the world

-How does social distancing effect you?

-Are you afraid of the future?

-Tell me about the restrictions in your country

Pictures which you could shoot:

-We are interested in what you see when you look outside the window. 

Thats not boring, thats great :)

-How did your surrounding change? Are the streets empty?

-How do you organise your flat, do you have a lot of shopping, are you living alone or with a family.

-Whats your pet doing?

Remember. These are just ideas. You choose what to show!

3. Upload your video

You can upload as many videos as you want. From 1 till 10min everything is fine.

You can share a video diary or just one very special moment you think is important for others to see.

Please read this if you want to be part of the project

Where to upload the videos. Technical information, more ideas....

About the project


The start

The project started because I was overwhelmed by the media and the discussions on social media about political decisions. I found  people where suddenly very tensed and the opinions of how to handle the situation where very different.  There is fear, there is panic, there is personal loss and on the other side a huge movement of solidarity.  

 The film shows how societys all over the world deal with a loss of freedom,  with the economical damage and how we are still finding creative collective solutions to not go crazy.  

(Photo: Memification - Sevilla)


The storys

 Depending on living conditions and job situations there is a big range of how the corona crisis effects society. I´m in contact with people who organise events for the whole neighbourhood in rome. They dance and sing together to have 20min of joy in the middle of the Italian chaos. Then I met another man who can´t pay his employees anymore and he has a lot of struggle with getting help from the goverment. And there is this woman whos grandma died and she was not allowed to see her in the last hours. (Photo: covid19party_roma - Rom)


What will be the conclusion of the film

  As we don´t know whats gonna happen in the future I would like to document how life goes on for the people all around the world. I´m not sure how big the damages to personal lifes and to economy will be. I´m curious how we go through this situation and how we overcome this new crisis as a society. It´s a journey into a  unprecedented future and the idea is to document until we kind of can leave our houses again

(Photo: eydukumpir - Israel)



1. Allow us to use your content

Of course we need your permission to use your footage for this film.

With sending us the videos you give the permission that we can use your material and publish it.

We will only use your videos for this film and we will treat you and your story with respect. 

Please make sure that you don´t capture people who don´t want to be filmed!

2. Camera style

Use your cell phone or your camera horizontale like in the picture!!!! and keep it as steady as you can...

3. Language and sound

Please shut your radio or music of when you talk to the camera. Otherwise we can´t use it. 

We can handle videos in english, spanish or german. If you want us to understand what you are saying, please use one of these languages! Thank you!

4. Name your file

Please name your file like this: 


For example: JuliaFoster_Jfoster@goodlemail.com_1

Each video has ascending number at the end.

COPY our Mailadress:

And send your video via Wetransfer to us.

You can upload up to 2 GB data.


We are exited what you will send us!

We appreciate your trust and we will treat your videos with respect!


What happens to my videos till you publish the film?

Your videos will be safe on a harddrive, waiting for the editing. 

We don´t use your material for other purposes.

How many personal storys do you show in the film?

The number of people who are shown in the film depends on how much material we get. It can be if we just choose just a part of your story or all of it. If we don´t choose you to be in the film, please don´t be sad. The documentary will be edited by a experienced editor!

When do I know if I will be in the film?

We get in contact with you during the editing if we know for sure that you appear in the film.

Do we get informations of how you use our material?

-We will first collect the videos. When crisis is over at a certain point we don´t know yet, we stop the shooting time. Then we will start with the editing process. 

What if I change my mind and I don´t want you to publish my video after I send them?

As its a lot of work for us, please think about this befor. But of course you can speak to us when you don´t feel well for some reason.

I am a professional filmmaker, can I participate and use a better camera?

Yes of course, please contact us if you have bigger data. 

Please notice that we can´t pay you for your work, as right now, nobody of the team is paid.

We are not perfect, please ask so we learn to inform you better

About us

Who are you talking to

We are a team of independent filmmakers from  Berlin, Germany.

The idea for the film came from Melanie Lischker,  which is convinced that in this crises the best thing we can do is transform our fears, struggles and energies into something creative.

Melanie is a director and editor who mainly works on documentarys. Her film "Life on tape" is in postproduction right now. It will be in cinema and german TV (WDR/ARTE) next year.

With this project she wants to give a voice to the people who need to deal with the effects of corona crisis and wants to show a more specific picture than media can do.

"Right now, I see a lot of people around me loosing their jobs, there is a totally lack of security and it seems like in a science fiction movie. But I am also surrounded by a lot of solidarity. Suddenly a wave of empathy goes around in society. This is quiet impressive. But I was also discussing with my friends about the crisis and also about political decisions. It got really tensed and I am wondering how  we are at the moment. On one side I perceive a collective power to fight against corona virus. On the other hand I feel a certain aggression in the air. Its not easy to speak open about specific feelings and maybe question new rules right now. For example the fear of loosing democracy and the being dependent on political decisions. I think in a world changing time all emotions and fears need to be heard. My mother died when I was very young. I saw her suffering for years. I think we can only handle big cisises, when we talk open about our fears and let others, too"


Contact us

E-mail an uns

Please read the information on the webside!

If you have a very specific question, don´t hestitate to ask